March Writing Challenge | Day 3

So for reals I’ve left this challenge quite late in the day today, being swept up in my new found WWW Wednesday post. So let’s see if my brain comes up with anything readable.

Find full details of the challenge here.

“Can you please help me?” I burst my head into a neighbouring classroom.

Miss Lakey is sat looking unamused at her stack of marking.

“It won’t help speed up that trash, but it’s certainly a distraction,” I plead. Trying to appeal to her side of procrastination.

The little devil on her shoulder is clearly more bored than she as it wins through. She sighs. “Sure…” her young body moves from the chair as if it were an old one. She follows me into my classroom. “I can’t see what the problem is, literally it’s pitch black…”

“That is the problem,” I turn my phone’s flashlight on. “I need help changing the light bulb.”

She gives me the look she gives students who turn up without their homework. Eyes rolled so high they almost touch her fringe.

“As you said, it’s pitch black! I can’t hold the light source and change the lightbulb. Plus it’s really high up,” I add. “Super dangerous, I could fall and hurt myself.”

“Okay I’ll help you. But I’m not going back to those papers tonight, instead you’ll be placing a large glass of white in front of me in The Stallion.” She holds her hand to shake as a peace offering.

“That’s blackmail!” False outrage dancing on my tongue. But we shake on it, team formed and raring to go.

The replacement of the lightbulb takes place with little commotion. I can think only to comment on the proximity of our bodies and how this added to my pulse rate. I flirt subtly and then openly with Miss Lakey, finally screwing in the new bulb.

As the room rocks into brightness, Mr Harmon trundles past, sticking his head in at the sight of two spies entangled in a top secret mission. “I see it takes two teachers to screw in a lightbulb,” he remarks. Leaving us to what will be an evening of celebration far too grandiose for the occasion.

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