March Writing Challenge

I was Pinterest scrolling for monthly writing challenges and this is an interesting one I found for March. I’m going to try and attempt to post either a short story or poem each day.

If this looks interesting to you I’d love to see what other people come up with for the prompts as well. Please feel free to link/post in the comments of this or the daily posts. And thank you to NerdKnowsLife for making this 2 years ago!

Now I hope you enjoy the rest of Feb, I know I will be making the most of each day. ☺️

41 thoughts on “March Writing Challenge

  1. […] So today was the first day of my March writing challenge. It’s the 1st of March (duh) getting closer to spring! Me and my husband had last week off which was a blessing of a coincidence as the weather was fantastic. It was a beautiful week of sunshine and warmth, pretending it’s summer, picnics and walks. Summer meadows, along with the prompt, were my main inspirations for this writing. Find full details of the challenge here. […]


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