Faded Pink Sakura | A dVerse Prompt

Breeze creates winding journey
Nude petals serene
Drift on currents of cherry

Blustering spring sings
Of faded pink sakura
My favourite time.

I saw this dVerse prompt and had to write about it as cherry blossom was our wedding flower so it always gives me such beautiful feelings. I hope I could portray some of them. 🌸 I took this pic myself just a few weeks ago. 🌸

Empty Blue | A dVerse Prompt

Into empty blue I stare.
My gaze drowns, bubbles on the surface,
No air.

The last fish was pulled from the ocean today,
A few years before the predicted 2048.
The ecosystem collapsed, our oxygen depleting.
If only we’d known...
But we did know, mistakes repeating.

We had the chance to stop this despair
But instead
Into empty blue I stare.

Today’s prompt was to write a circular poem, the two forms mentioned in dVerse’s post seem really cool and I want to try them out sometime. But I was inspired and wrote something short today. It was interesting to read through Peter about what Australia is experiencing currently, and the warm sea temperatures reminded me of the Netflix Documentary Seaspiracy which I watched yesterday! Already a vegan I don’t eat any animal products including fish, but even I was shocked at how dolphin safe and sustainably fished labels make their money through certifying fishing boats they know to be murdering dolphins and turtles and sharks. And I was even more shocked that human slavery is used in the fishing industry! What century are we in?! This is heart breaking!

Plastic straws make up less than 1% of plastic in the Ocean. The majority of plastic in the Ocean is from fishing nets and other fishing equipment. The biggest thing we can do to save our oceans is to stop eating fish and other sea animals.

Weekend Writing Prompt | Orbit

I orbit her,
She doesn’t orbit me.
Yet she holds on with severe gravity.

I view her from my ecliptic plane,
Sometimes in sunshine,
Ofttimes darkness and rain.

But whatever the weather she chooses to cast,
No matter my phase, her beauty is vast,
Her: earthen, me: lunar, together steadfast.

I’ve recently been reading sci-fi so I got very space vibes. Although I also thought about two people in love orbiting each other but didn’t end up going that route. Hope you like my poem written from the Moon to the Earth. 💛

Weekend Writing Prompt | Vista

No thanks,
I’m quite alright,
I don’t want your drink,
you’re dismissed for the night.

I turn, leave before
you propose you can save me.
Hasta La Vista

Challenge Details

Another word I had to look up! But I ended up going for a different way of using the word. I won’t be apologetic for the continued theme of sexism/harassment. Not all of my posts going forward will be about this theme, but right now it’s still circulating my mind. Thanks Sammi Cox for the prompt!

March Writing Challenge | Day 7

Today I saw a new (to me) form of poetry on two blogs: Skeptics Kaddish and K. so I had to try it out for Day 7’s prompt! It’s called an octo. I wrote two as I wanted to practice but I think I like the first one best. What about you?

Find full details of the challenge here.

Spring Waits For Me

Fresh dewy morning waits for me
Bird song louder than yesterday
Cherry blossom sweet as honey
I venture to my balcony
Bluebells, tulips, puschkinia
Cherry blossom sweet as honey
Bird song louder than yesterday
Fresh dewy morning waits for me

Fairy Lullabies

Wind whistling gently through trees
Birds singing fairy lullabies
Bees buzzing enjoying the scene
Rustling grass, whispering flowers
Sweet pollen, sweet nectar, sweet scents
Bees buzzing enjoying the scene
Birds singing fairy lullabies
Wind whistling gently through trees

March Writing Challenge | Day 4

Find full details of the challenge here.

I haunt
But is it haunting if it is longed for?
She waits
Waits for me to come every evening
Wishing I’d brought roses like I used to

It is autumn now
The roses are withered
Their petals float to the ground with the browning leaves
Trusted in her, their beauty a keepsake until they bloom again
She had her own beauty once
But when I departed I took it with me

Why am I always so cruel?
So selfish I have become
Returning only torments her
If I left could she be joy again?
Could she move through life
Without me?

I underestimate her
She is strong
It is me who is weak
I come every evening
A wavering possibility of replacing her loneliness
One day she may need me to stop
Although she does not wish it, that day is long passed
But I will not return to ashes.

Weekend Writing Prompt | Kitsch

#Basic Bitch

Her tanned arms stretch
Above her head
And down they flow
To meet her toes

Sun salutation
Brings peace
And patience

Deep breath
Breath out
Her mind a clear cloud
Colourless in a pretty way
Bow head, “Namaste”

Cutesy top, cropped
Kawai avocados dance
Slogan: #basicbitch
How very kitsch

High waisted leggings
Walk her from the studio floor
To the Starbucks next door
Oat milk chai latte to go
Challenge Details

I had to look up what kitsch meant, and when I did the examples were lava lamp and that dogs playing poker picture. I thought I would go for something super modern, so enjoy my stereotype of a millennial’s yoga morning. I actually think #basicbitch could almost be a synonym for kitsch.

Prompt of the Week | What does Anger feel like?

Prompt of the Week (& photo) from Lady Jabberwocky
I live in a constant state of huffing and puffing, I feel like I'm a big bad wolf with a factory line of houses to blow down.
I am the heat that traverses necks and cheeks and turns them violent red. I am passion without reason or desire.
Deserts of foul sands, my home is the ugliness in others. A torrent of complex tornadoes carries me to and fro.

Destination unknown.

Yet back here I am again with you. Why you?
Calm down for I cannot.
I see the light before I come and the release when I have left. I long to be precisely where I am not.

I am a huge sun of molten emotion that so many fear and hate.
But to me I’m merely Anger, the only one who can't escape.