March Writing Challenge | Day 31

Wow! Can I just say how amazed I am to make it all the way through my March Writing Challenge! I have written every day, no post was prewritten or back dated, and I’ve explored so many topics and had so much fun. Also so importantly I’ve grown my little patch of internet along the way and met some awesome writers and poets. It’s lovely to have you guys reading my writing and to be able to be inspired by yours as well. So thank you!

I got to the 100 follower mark! Yay. And hopefully I will keep burrowing into this lovely community. ☺️

Next up is the April A to Z Challenge! Here’s my theme reveal. Let’s hope I can keep up with my new challenge goals and also keep interacting with everyone and joining other prompts along the way. Happy Spring!

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“His eyes weren’t normal.”

A shiver crept around the camp fire. We waited, baited for more.

“They were the most beautiful blue, clearer than tropical oceans. I was in love. But when I went closer, they changed. The pearls of blue melted into slits of obsidian. The purest pits of darkness that light itself is not fast enough to escape from.”

Charlotte paused. The crackle of the fire overshadowed its warmth, leaving room for a chill. Charlotte had always been known for her beauty, her confidence. She drew people in to her. Men. Women. Children. Everyone felt comfort around her as if she was the real fire. Her tone was still calm but her words were changing the atmosphere. Just like she’d always created attraction, instead a pulse was emanating from her, almost warding us off.

“When I saw those eyes, I should have known I was already deep in the spider’s web. I should have cowered. But instead, I fled. Or I tried to. But really I had no hope as it was not just his eyes that had now changed. His limbs had lengthened, stretched out and gaunt. They sported dagger claws black as a starless sky.”

“Come on now Char! This is getting really creepy. Even the fire wants to leave.” I gestured at the fire pit, the flames cowering to the floor. The atmosphere was palpable and I was trying to slash through it with a blunt knife.

“I thought you wanted a scary story, I’m nearly finished!” without awaiting approval Charlotte ploughed on. “As I was saying, I knew there was no hope for me. I was lured in by his presence, and now I was lost to life. As I ran, it took only two bounds for him to catch up to me and halt me. His thin nails were so sharp that my clothes were torn without fraying. His scratch down my back held me in place. I was so scared no noise could escape my lips. That’s why none of you heard me… There was nothing to hear. I hope you heed my warning, there really is no point in running.”

Just before the fire finally escaped, the only one of us who did, we could see Charlotte’s friendly eyes turn to piecing black slits. There wasn’t even time to scream.

March Writing Challenge | Day 30

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I was happy living once. My home was large and spacious, warm light flooded every nook and I was content. Every morning I would wake in my white linen bedspread and the light would rise to greet me. I was energetic making my mourning routine an engaging ritual. Meditation, washing, yoga, dressing. Fresh faced for breakfast.

The table provided whatever I desired, and along with it a serene corner of my home to eat each meal. The rest of my day was spent reading fantastical fiction about imaginary worlds, cleaning my space, writing my own stories, exercising and then settling down for sleep.

I read about other humans in books, sometimes whole colonies of them lived together, some even sharing beds. I always found this concept hard to consider, the idea of another ‘person’. I’d feel so crowded. I mainly wrote about one person worlds like mine. I was so grateful it was just me.

Until one day my world broke. Or that’s the only way I could understand it at the time. One morning I sat at my table and it didn’t light up. I couldn’t chose my breakfast, I couldn’t understand how table could do this to me. All day I went without food. I’d never experienced hunger before but it reminded me of some of the books I’d read, some people didn’t have food. But they usually didn’t have homes either, living in masses on ‘streets’.

My world didn’t have streets, just my one big home, bed, table, bookshelves, bathroom. I didn’t understand the appeal of empty outdoor spaces, they sounded overwhelming.

The night after the day of hunger I found it hard to sleep. And that’s when the door appeared. My world had never had a door before, and now there was a door and it was opening. Opening to what?! How did a world open. I’d never read or imagined a world opening. The next thing I saw froze me in my bed, if I’d have seen me, I would have looked petrified. Torrents of stillness rolled over me as something else created movement into my home.

The first ever human that wasn’t me entered my world.

To be continued… maybe.

March Writing Challenge | Day 29

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Purple neon lights swarm around you, the room you’re in swaying with each beat of the bass. Strangers sip drinks and shout above the tunes to be heard by each other. Multiple archways line the four walls. You need to find your friends or at least a way out of this crazy maze.

You feel like no matter which door you take you’ll just end up back in this same purple blur. You stumble forward anyway and choose a way at random, defeat in your eyes. Your hopelessness triggers an awe in this world that gives you a lifeline. You’re no longer fun to play with. The house throws you up. Vomit discarded on the path. You pull yourself away. One of the lucky survivors.

March Writing Challenge | Day 28

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Jason’s skinny jeans creased as he crouched to examine the mustard glow. A small pot of gold stared up, as surprised to see him as he was to see it. He’d ended up in a different building to normal, although grungy as the rest. Another swig of JD and coke sweetened his throat and he thought of all the ways this gold could sweeten his life. How many bottles of his favourite spirit he could buy! Some top notch tobacco, not this shit cheap stuff. Oh and he’d pay his Mum back too, she could stop moaning. He’d pay her back so he owed her nothing and then he’d be out of there…

He took another drag making him heady, too light to hear other sounds.

But it wouldn’t have mattered if he’d turned around at the footsteps, the owner of those footsteps would have acted the same either way. The dark suited heavy walked swiftly up to the scrawny youth. One pop to the back of the head. He guided the body down so the blood would not tarnish the gold. With the silencer on, no sound marked the end of Jason’s life, just like his life hadn’t made much noise itself.

March Writing Challenge | Day 27

I felt myself imagining all the creepy ways I could take this prompt but went for something different for me.

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She smiles at me, shy but bright. I fall into her eyes and see every grin she’s ever given me. I fall into my mind and imagine all the ways I would make her happy. Each way I would treat her with care, each delicate act that could show my love. My thoughts swirl into fantasies of romantic novels and cheesy love films, characters replaced with me and her. I replay snippets of conversation, allowing freedom as they morph into admissions of lust and devotion.

My eyes refocus as I come back to this moment in reality, this true moment.

“It’s not just in your head. I’m here with you now. I like you.”

My world ignites with anticipation, my emotions hurt with all the pain that could be if she were to leave. I finally gather the gut to leave my mind fully and trust in what could be. I lean into kiss her, she leans in to kiss me.

March Writing Challenge | Day 25

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Purple clouds brewed in anticipation
Teetering on the edge of their stadium
With a view of the world they lingered to witness
A story so repetitive is it even worth telling?

Yet the storm impatiently sat and waited
Buzzing, heavy, breath bated
As they did with every child who’s time it was to join them
Just in case
They were wrong.

Like an heirloom precious only to one who had long ago died
This child sat dusty among a collection of discard
An antique store that never sold a thing
But was kept out of nostalgia, like all the items inside

Home had no meaning in this child’s eyes
Only existence, a passage of time
That traversed so slowly when there was no food
And so quickly when warmth caressed the city
That it always seemed cold, and they always seemed hungry

For all children are special when they’ve parents to love them
When they’ve a bed under which monsters could hide
But monsters can’t fit under paving stones on dirty streets
They’re real, mean people, despise in their eyes.

So the thunder cursed the world yet again
And the clouds spilled tears that cried from the skies.
Whilst the wind wrapped the child in a warmth it struggled to muster
And carried the child from this hell of injustice and lies.

A descendant finally jingled the bell of the antique store door
In search of an heirloom once dearly held
Reuniting it would not erase the dishonour of its abandon
But it glinted a chance of peace on the horizon.

March Writing Challenge | Day 24

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Layla lay there. In her mind grassy hills surrounded her creating a sense of serenity. Outside of her mind she lay in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room, crammed with beeping machines and too many bustling people.

Six others lay with her in similar positions. All in their own clouds of thought, some calm like Layla, some traversing nightmares. They would all be deep in nightmares by the end, except for her of course.

Seven bodies fallen into slumbers, all reported at the same time without any connections. None that those awake knew of anyway…

Layla felt life surge into her, more life than she’d dared hope for. Artificial lights replaced emerald landscapes as she came to. Her eyes opened. One of the white coats noticed and all other bodies started flocking around her. Just before the room exploded with beeps, causing the doctors to disperse and try and save the six people Layla had just killed. But their years were gone, they’d been taken, delaying death for the seventh patient by another three hundred and fifty years. On the outside Layla didn’t smile, but her inner mouth shone a satisfied grin. Wide enough to fall into.

March Writing Challenge | Day 23

Today I have written a lesser known form of Japanese poetry, a sedoka. A sedoka poem is a call and response poem. It is two love poems put together, made up of two katauta verses. In the first verse one lover poses a question to their love. The second verse is the partner’s reply, also written as a katauta. A katauta is a verse which has a 5-7-5 or 5-7-7 pattern and is often called incomplete when alone. I learnt about these forms of poetry here.

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I’m sorry my love,
But I did not forget you.
Can you forgive me?

You flew like a dove,
Away. But you came back too.
Past this, for you, I can see.


Sorry I left.

It’s okay.

March Writing Challenge | Day 22

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A haunted horseshoe,
Into the cauldron to stew,
heart of kangaroo,
Sizzles in there too,
Turns the faintest powder blue,
Last stir, that will do.

Yet these are fantasies that were never true.
And based on those lies, crimes we can’t undo.
Burning and hanging and drowning, all undue.

For a witch was just a woman, who couldn’t be controlled.
For a witch was just a woman, who didn’t fit your mould.

Now think to the future, where women are still sold.
We’re still told,
We can’t be bold.
Achieve goals,
Without struggles of olde.

Now think to the future. How do we change the future?

I really enjoyed writing this.