I’m just a bit nauseous… | 12 Mar 2021

I’m sure many people have now seen the news about Sarah Everard, if you haven’t, here’s a link. Her death is saddening but unfortunately it is not shocking that a woman has been attacked whilst walking home.

What I feel most nauseous about is a post a male Facebook friend wrote, the post has since been deleted but it was trying to gain opinions from other men about whether they felt vulnerable walking at night. To show that it was an issue that didn’t just effect women. The quote that got me:

I just want to point out that men can feel vulnerable too.

To me this is as bad as “all lives matter”. No one is saying men can’t feel vulnerable walking home, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that sexism is still rife in modern society, and we need to shout about it.

I urge men not to sexually assault women. I urge men to call out inappropriate behaviour/language from other men.

“Why, in 2021, are women still unsafe in public spaces? And why is the onus on us to limit our freedoms or change our behaviour simply to exist safely? As a new survey from UN Women has revealed today, 97% of women aged 18-24 have been the victims of sexual harassment, with 80% of all women saying they have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.”

Books That Matter

If 97% of women have been sexually harassed, what percentage of men have sexually harassed a women? This is too normal. Check yourself. Check your friends. You don‘t think sexism is prevalent because you are not on the receiving end of sexism.

I hope we keep starting and continuing these important conversations. Choose to challenge.

Usual (sometimes upbeat) creative writing will resume tomorrow, but right now I just needed to rant.

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