Prompt of the Week | What does Anger feel like?

Prompt of the Week (& photo) from Lady Jabberwocky
I live in a constant state of huffing and puffing, I feel like I'm a big bad wolf with a factory line of houses to blow down.
I am the heat that traverses necks and cheeks and turns them violent red. I am passion without reason or desire.
Deserts of foul sands, my home is the ugliness in others. A torrent of complex tornadoes carries me to and fro.

Destination unknown.

Yet back here I am again with you. Why you?
Calm down for I cannot.
I see the light before I come and the release when I have left. I long to be precisely where I am not.

I am a huge sun of molten emotion that so many fear and hate.
But to me I’m merely Anger, the only one who can't escape.

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