Any fellow Reedsy Prompt writers out there?

Happy Sunday all! With no A to Z challenge on Sunday what am I to do? Well I thought this could be a nice opportunity to share my Reedsy Prompts Page and find some other Reedsy Prompt writers in the WordPress world.

Why I enjoy writing for Reedsy Prompts?

  • I think the prompts are unique and inspire uniqueness from me. I hope for my entries to stand out and be different even if they aren’t chosen as the best.
  • It’s cool to see what other writers have done with the same prompts, and be part of a community.
  • Sometimes you get nice pieces of feedback on your writing which is always a moral boost.
  • The contest is consistent, it’s every week and free to enter, but I don’t need to enter every week. I can chose the weeks and prompts that work for me.
  • The word limit feels right to me (1K – 3K words). I have often found myself writing over 3000 words and then cutting down, which gives me editing practice. A bonus!
  • Finally it’s nice to write for a purpose, have a deadline and a word limit. It gives me structure and something to aim for.

So do you have Reedsy Prompts? If so I’d love you to share your author page in the comments. And if not, why is it something you wouldn’t want to enter?

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