Empty Blue | A dVerse Prompt

I have had to remove this poem for now as it is being published in an anthology.

Today’s prompt was to write a circular poem, the two forms mentioned in dVerse’s post seem really cool and I want to try them out sometime. But I was inspired and wrote something short today. It was interesting to read through Peter about what Australia is experiencing currently, and the warm sea temperatures reminded me of the Netflix Documentary Seaspiracy which I watched yesterday! Already a vegan I don’t eat any animal products including fish, but even I was shocked at how dolphin safe and sustainably fished labels make their money through certifying fishing boats they know to be murdering dolphins and turtles and sharks. And I was even more shocked that human slavery is used in the fishing industry! What century are we in?! This is heart breaking!

Plastic straws make up less than 1% of plastic in the Ocean. The majority of plastic in the Ocean is from fishing nets and other fishing equipment. The biggest thing we can do to save our oceans is to stop eating fish and other sea animals.

22 thoughts on “Empty Blue | A dVerse Prompt

  1. Thanks Emine – and your point is so well made in this little gem of a poem. Yep the meteorologists are saying that with climate change we can expect more flooding, more houses washed downstream, more extremes – as you say…’If only we’d known…But we did know’

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    • Thanks for reading Peter! It’s heart breaking. The issue is people don’t want to believe that we as a society are responsible for climate change, there’s still things we can do to save our homes but we don’t want to change.

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  2. I like the curves of your circular poem, Emine, which, if centred and moved around a bit, would make a great shape poem. I especially love the ambiguity of the line ‘My gaze drowns, bubbles on the surface, No air’, which could be a human or a fish, and sums up perfectly what will happen if we don’t stop staring into empty blue.

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  3. Very poignant indeed and you bring it all home with the ending-beginning line. It’s a cause for reflection the devastation of our humanity and the tragedies we cause either directly or indirectly. Beautifully, beautifully said, especially as we need to be careful with how we treat our resources, oceans, and marine life.

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