03 Jan 2021 – What blog?

So… it never took off did it, that blog I wanted to start midway through last year. I wrote half of a second post and a whole list of ideas of things I wanted to write about that seemed “bloggy”, yet never wrote them. Why is that though? And why am I writing something now?

I’ve learnt we spend time on things we love and enjoy, or things easy or addictive. Well turns out those list of “bloggy” titles were things I didn’t want to write about. Nor did I feel inspired to write about them for an audience I didn’t have. I spent my summer wfh like the fortunate half of the population and the rest of my time reading in the sun drinking cocktails. I also got married for the second time this year (something I would consider blogging about if I had an audience that was interested), and went on a couple of English countryside holidays. In conclusion, writing real life posts wasn’t near the top of things I wanted to do.

So why am I writing a post now that still no one will read? Well, I was inspired to pick up WordPress, as I have signed up for a creative writing course starting this January, and wanted to see if I ever did publish anything on that blog o mine. Reading was another hobby I picked up in the last quarter of this year, starting to read on a average a book a week. That may seem incredibly slow to some people, or extremely ambitious like it does to me, but considering I couldn’t even spend an hour writing a blog post, it shows how important reading has become to me.

Along with reading, I reinvoked my love of writing. I’ve always been creative, putting my energy into a plethora of crafts and never finding my one. Or at least I never thought I found my one, but looking back, subconsciously I think I did.

When I was 5 years old I won a Blue Peter badge for sending in a poem about my favourite food, and dotted throughout my life I have memories of writing poems, song lyrics and short stories. I’ve never had a dream job (except to be a pop star at 9 years old, which if you ever hear me sing, will know would NEVER happen), I’ve always just fallen into jobs. I’m very lucky to have some sort of career and enjoy my work, but at the same time, I know it’s not my DREAM job. But maybe being a creative writer or an author would be. At the very minimum, it’s something I’m choosing to investigate, and on the off chance I’ve written a book in 20 years time, this is where it all began…

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