Weekend Writing Prompt | Galaxy

Stellar remnants
Drawn together
More than a want but a science
A rule of life.

In dust left behind
A joy and sadness of breath that may or may not be
Galaxius juice feeds newborn minds
Building foundations of hope, experience.

On our Little Rock what do we do?
But throw away that hope
Slice that joy with division
In the bubble of small communities we achieve peace
But we don’t accept from the outside in.

If we can’t love our neighbour,
What hope do we have for those a galaxy away?

A to Z Challenge | O | Weekend Writing Prompt | Uncanny

The Words

“Oenology and Oenophile: Oenology is the study and science of wine making, covering all aspects from production to tasting and classification. An oenophile is someone who loves, or is obsessed with, all things wine-related – a connoisseur. I’m thinking of taking a course in oenology.

“Oleaginous: It seems hard to believe that a word most commonly associated with slimy, slithery, not to be trusted, heralds from the humble olive tree. Oleaginous comes directly from the Latin oleagineus, meaning from an olive tree, the fruit of which produces olive oil. As an adjective it describes an oily and slimy disposition or anything oil-like. The oleaginous behaviour of the journalist during the interview was frankly stomach-churning.”

“Otiose: A relatively recent word, otiose first appeared in English in the late eighteenth century to describe things that produce little of use or worth. Over time, the word started to be applied to people, particularly people of an idle or slack disposition when it came to matters of work, and developed a rather quaint meaning of being at leisure. An otiose young man of independent means, he never did a hard day’s work in his life.

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Weekend Writing Prompt | Uncanny

I’m an oenophile so often otiose, sharing a glass of red with a book. Once, the wine grew oleaginous in my mouth until I was drowning in my love.

My mind adjusted, uncanny experience passing, I returned to H.P.Lovecraft.

A to Z Challenge | I & Weekend Writing Prompt | Forage

Another two for one on challenges. (I used the word unforaged instead of forage). Have a great weekend all!

The Words

“Illapse: A sophisticated word meaning the gliding or sliding of one thing into another or to fall or flow. The illapse of new words into the English language shows no sign of abating.

“Immure: The Latin word for a wall is murus and this provides the root for mural, a wall painting. To immure is to entomb or place something in a wall. Immure also has a general sense of somebody being walled in somewhere in a figurative sense. Ever since he bought that games console my son has been immured in his bedroom for hours on end.”

“Immutable: Immutable derives from the Latin immutabilis, meaning unable to change. The modern sense of immutable is something that is set in stone, so to speak, and cannot be altered or changed. There are immutable guidelines for dealing with such situations.

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Weekend Writing Prompt | Forage

Immured in this cycle,
I wake, I rise, I do, I fall, to sleep.

How would you feel if today was your last day?
Because in answer to the very same,
I felt sad.

I’ve ticked the boxes of society.
Illapsed into the tempo of the average.

I think to times I am filled with pure life,
And wonder how to make every moment mirror those.

Could I let a different light guide me?
To a land unforaged, open and free.

A to Z Challenge | C

The Words

“Cachinnate: to cachinnate is to let out a loud and raucous, uncontrollable bout of laughter. The word derives from the Latin for loud laughter, cachinnare. I cachinnated so long and loudly at the circus clowns I thought my sides would split.”

“Candour: Candour traces back to the Latin verb candēre, meaning to shine or glow. Candour is often used in relation to language that expresses openness, fairness and honesty. He spoke with refreshing candour about the problems his family had endured.

“Capricious: A capricious person is someone who is impulsive and unpredictable. The word is often used to describe the weather in countries where it can be notoriously volatile or erratic.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Weekend Writing Prompt | Absurd

What I overheard
Was very absurd
It made me cachinnate, splutter,
But I listened, undeterred.

Jenna was a gossip, but always spoke with candour,
So I very much doubted what she said was slander.

Apparently Dan had gone swimming naked in the sea,
At this point I must mention it was below zero degrees,
But he’d always been capricious... stereotypically gutsy.

Hope it doesn’t count as cheating to write the weekend writing prompt from Sammi in with my A to Z for C! Either way, here ya go.

Weekend Writing Prompt | Orbit

I orbit her,
She doesn’t orbit me.
Yet she holds on with severe gravity.

I view her from my ecliptic plane,
Sometimes in sunshine,
Ofttimes darkness and rain.

But whatever the weather she chooses to cast,
No matter my phase, her beauty is vast,
Her: earthen, me: lunar, together steadfast.

I’ve recently been reading sci-fi so I got very space vibes. Although I also thought about two people in love orbiting each other but didn’t end up going that route. Hope you like my poem written from the Moon to the Earth. 💛

Weekend Writing Prompt | Vista

No thanks,
I’m quite alright,
I don’t want your drink,
you’re dismissed for the night.

I turn, leave before
you propose you can save me.
Hasta La Vista

Challenge Details

Another word I had to look up! But I ended up going for a different way of using the word. I won’t be apologetic for the continued theme of sexism/harassment. Not all of my posts going forward will be about this theme, but right now it’s still circulating my mind. Thanks Sammi Cox for the prompt!

Weekend Writing Prompt | Kitsch

#Basic Bitch

Her tanned arms stretch
Above her head
And down they flow
To meet her toes

Sun salutation
Brings peace
And patience

Deep breath
Breath out
Her mind a clear cloud
Colourless in a pretty way
Bow head, “Namaste”

Cutesy top, cropped
Kawai avocados dance
Slogan: #basicbitch
How very kitsch

High waisted leggings
Walk her from the studio floor
To the Starbucks next door
Oat milk chai latte to go
Challenge Details

I had to look up what kitsch meant, and when I did the examples were lava lamp and that dogs playing poker picture. I thought I would go for something super modern, so enjoy my stereotype of a millennial’s yoga morning. I actually think #basicbitch could almost be a synonym for kitsch.