The Poet as Painter | A dVerse Challenge

My first go at a dVerse challenge, this one caught my eye and I couldn’t stop the words flowing, thanks for the challenge!

Part 1: Choose ONE title ONLY and write a painterly poem – in other words, paint us a picture that you imagine fits the title. I chose the painting title: A Painter Without a Brush (Gerhard Richter)

The colours dance inside my mind,
But onto canvas they can never go.
My imagination imagines images too intricate for me alone to recreate.
For I am not a painter without a brush,
That could still splatter art onto easel with fingers and show her mind.
I am a painter without the ability to paint.
Yearning only to share my inventions,
but lack of medium rather than limbs,
Inhibits my expression.
I try to use story instead.
For a picture shows a thousand words,
But what if I could share a picture with just a few?

Optional Extra: For those of you who like an extra challenge, then only after you have completed Part 1 look up the artwork link of your title choice and write a second part to your poem as ekphrastic.

I see yellow.
Unappealing like a warning sign,
Scratched across the page.

The remains of a thin metal tower,
Sharp and central,
The only thing that carries structure in this world of teardrop colours.

Such industrial colours cover any sense of landscape,
With graffiti that hides even itself into illegibility.
Confusion rains onto the bold ugly scene.

I don’t like it but I’m mesmerised by it.
This is what they call art.

You can find the artwork below and linked here.

A Painter Without a Brush (Gerhard Richter)