Weekend Writing Prompt | Kitsch

#Basic Bitch

Her tanned arms stretch
Above her head
And down they flow
To meet her toes

Sun salutation
Brings peace
And patience

Deep breath
Breath out
Her mind a clear cloud
Colourless in a pretty way
Bow head, โ€œNamasteโ€

Cutesy top, cropped
Kawai avocados dance
Slogan: #basicbitch
How very kitsch

High waisted leggings
Walk her from the studio floor
To the Starbucks next door
Oat milk chai latte to go
Challenge Details

I had to look up what kitsch meant, and when I did the examples were lava lamp and that dogs playing poker picture. I thought I would go for something super modern, so enjoy my stereotype of a millennialโ€™s yoga morning. I actually think #basicbitch could almost be a synonym for kitsch.