Freedom Day?

Sun rose yesterday
Window to experience
Bright dawn modern life

And then they took it away
Crushed by waves, anxious
Days stretch unknowingly to
Demise of the life
I’d been rebuilding, anew.

In the UK the government are going blasé on the COVID safety restrictions from the 19th July. Along with opening nightclubs and lifting capacity on events, they’re removing the need to wear masks or socially distance.

While lots of Brits are celebrating, for me as a vulnerable individual this is taking away a lot of freedom I’d been enjoying. Despite being young and double jabbed, if I were to get COVID the results could be devastating, even life ending. While I can sympathise with people wanting to get back to normal, any sense of normality I’ve been enjoying (seeing some friends, going out to eat, etc) will probably be no go’s again very soon.

With hundreds of thousands of cases predicted each day, it’s going to be a minefield that I just can’t risk. And it will be the same for the plethora of other young vulnerable individuals and all elderly people.

This is just another notch on a long list of uninclusive acts from our country’s government. But I guess there will at least be a easy way to tell if someone is a nice person from now on, whether they’re wearing a mask in indoor public places… *sigh*

A to Z Challenge | Z

I’ve made it! To the end of April! Writing every prompt day! I’m so proud of myself. ☺️ Think I might give myself a lil break in May, stay tuned. 💛

The Words

“Zenith: Originating from Arabic and meaning the way over one’s head, by the 1300s zenith was used to describe the highest point in the heavens and by the 1600s it had come to include other high points. Nowadays it is used to describe reaching the top of one’s career. When she played Desdemona she realized that she had reached the zenith of her theatrical aspirations.

“Zephyr: Zephyr, a gentle breeze from the west, derives its name from Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west wind, and was used by both Chaucer and Shakespeare in a figurative and metaphorical sense. More recently, zephyr has been adopted as a term for a lightweight fabric and the clothing made from it.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

“Zaftig | Borrowed into English from Yiddish (and descended from a German wordmeaning “juicy”), if a woman is zaftig then she’s plump or curvaceous.” Mentalfloss

Haiku | Ripe Summer

Zenith of summer
Zephyr carries sweet scent of
Zaftig peaches ripe

March Writing Challenge | Day 22

Find full details of the challenge here.

A haunted horseshoe,
Into the cauldron to stew,
heart of kangaroo,
Sizzles in there too,
Turns the faintest powder blue,
Last stir, that will do.

Yet these are fantasies that were never true.
And based on those lies, crimes we can’t undo.
Burning and hanging and drowning, all undue.

For a witch was just a woman, who couldn’t be controlled.
For a witch was just a woman, who didn’t fit your mould.

Now think to the future, where women are still sold.
We’re still told,
We can’t be bold.
Achieve goals,
Without struggles of olde.

Now think to the future. How do we change the future?

I really enjoyed writing this.

Rainbows | Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

On top of my personal monthly challenge, I’m trying to get into others’ challenges too. So I’m excited to join Eugi and their weekly prompt today!

Volcano fire sings
Of hatred, danger and lust
Red, spoilt with passion.

Melts the heart of flames
Warmth until the leaves turn this
Shade of orange bliss.

Bring back shining sun
Yellow daffodils and bees
Glowing sand, I’m free.

Grass, green. Fresh, new, lean.
I wish health and good fortune
Luck brings no envy

Only freedom of
The farthest skies, bluest seas
Don’t drown me. I breathe

In the rare twilight
Air, precious indigo night
Scarce luminous clouds

Change to violet
Galaxies where I now float
Beyond the spectrum

In space there ought be
Shades unimaginable
Bright stars, Milky Way.

But I see only black.

I really enjoyed writing this! A collection of haikus or does that make it a haibun? I’m no poetry expert you tell me.

March Writing Challenge | Day 14

Today is Sunday so I’m not super hyped wishing my weekend away by imagining Monday, so I’ve gone for a lil haibun which I am quite enjoying writing recently.

I think I’ve discovered I like writing short poems or longer short stories (a few thousand words). But I’ll try and make a few of this weeks prompts flash fiction. Wish me luck. 🤞🏽

Find full details of the challenge here.

Back to life beyond
what I long each day to be
Eventful Monday
You are not
But a domino in a line
of dominoes in lines

You topple into

March Writing Challenge | Day 12

I was inspired by Brendan E Byrne’s comment on my first Friday Fictioneers post to write a haibun. A haibun is a poem made up of prose and haikus. I found this and this article interesting when learning what one was and how to write one. I really enjoyed it, maybe even more than writing haikus! Let me know what you think of my first attempt, although I’m aware it’s quite short.

Find full details of the challenge here.

Centuries ago,
when the Moon was but crater,
and spring was summer,
and autumn and winter.

Birds were given wings,
now so beautiful in flight,
a gift from the Sun.

The clouds turned green.

Let loose with envy,
a torrent of angry rain,
the greatest lakes born.

The world was still young,
in emotion it flowed fast.
Reckless. Carefree. Whole.