A to Z Challenge | Q

This week I’m writing a continuous story, check out my previous posts to enjoy the whole tale (or scroll to the very bottom of this post).

The Words

“Quixotic: Quixotic derives directly from Miguel de Cervantes’ (1547–1616) celebrated Renaissance novel Don Quixote. The hero of the novel is a foolish romantic, driven by rash but unattainable ideals. In English, quixotic is often used to describe plans or ideas that are unrealistic or overly imaginative and optimistic. His head is full of quixotic plans and ideas, none of which ever come to fruition.

“Quintessence: In medieval Latin quinta essentia meant the fifth essence. At the time, people still thought that the earth was made up of four elements – earth, air, fire and water – and that the stars and planets contained a fifth element, believing that if they could isolate this fifth essence they would be able to use it to cure all disease. Despite this theory finally being discounted, the word quintessence remains in the English language as meaning the purest essence of something. There is no doubt that Adolf Hitler was the quintessence of evil.

“Quiddity and Quirk: Quiddity dates back to the fourteenth century and means the essence or substance of something; it typifies what a thing is. From quiddity came quibble, meaning a trivial or small point, which arose to describe the trickier points argued over by sixteenth-century academics. Like quiddity, quirk also derives from the Latin pronoun quis, meaning who, and, also like quiddity, it can refer to a person’s unique eccentricities. The portrait painter managed to capture the quiddity of his subject.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

My Summertime Goddess | Part 2

My daydreams that I were soon to act upon were, to be frank, quixotic. She was the quintessence of summer; warm, lovely, encouraging. Her skin was golden even in winter and her voice bathed us in fresh garden streams. I, on the other hand, had quiddities of a different nature. I was known as short and quiet but all round jovial. I did not belong in her collection of groupies, even in this outer orbit, and yet somehow I persisted. I knew that I would never have a chance with my summertime goddess, and yet every moon brought poetic dreams of her, and everyday excuses to socialise where I didn’t fit. It was as if a spell had been cast upon me…

The Story So Far

Petit flowers, nimble in nature, swam through the waves of her light gold hair. She was the epitome of beauty and many wrote her paeans, hoping to win her favour. I was one of these fools, who approached her at an early summer festival. The day was covered in bright blue hope, and I had no knowledge of how my heart would be lost to perdition. I usually found contentment lurking in the penumbra of her entourage, the very outer circle, not close enough to learn her flaws, but the perfect proximity for falling recklessly in love. But today was the day I would break my own rules.

March Writing Challenge | Day 8

Happy International Women’s Day! I couldn’t not make today’s post in support of this important day. The theme this year is Choose To Challenge. Whatever your gender, it’s so important that sexism is challenged in every variant. Say something if you see inequality. Challenge even the slightest sexism. Be the voice we all need.

Find full details of the writing challenge here.

She passed me a smoothie;
"Green Goddess"
it was called.

Her dark skin smooth,
her hand brushed mine,
lingering with electricity.

I took it gratefully,
a gift not just from her,
but from all women to me.

Blended broccoli,
crushed kale,
sparkly spirulina.

The smoothie,
was more than its component parts.

It had been infused
by generations
of grandmothers.

Determination, intelligence, prowess.
Challenge. History. Bravery.
Rooted with courage,
support, leadership.

It was for every Mother, Sister, Friend,
Scientist, Architect, Artist,
Women, Female Identifier and Women's Rights Supporter.

I pass “Green Goddess” on.

My olive skin warm,
it brushes yours,
giving you energy.

You take it gratefully,
not just from me,
but from all women to you.

Together. United. We stand.
Pass on even to those without the strength to pass back.
Build up those even without the bricks to build you.

We are one women.