Weekend Writing Prompt | Vista

No thanks,
I’m quite alright,
I don’t want your drink,
you’re dismissed for the night.

I turn, leave before
you propose you can save me.
Hasta La Vista

Challenge Details

Another word I had to look up! But I ended up going for a different way of using the word. I won’t be apologetic for the continued theme of sexism/harassment. Not all of my posts going forward will be about this theme, but right now it’s still circulating my mind. Thanks Sammi Cox for the prompt!

March Writing Challenge | Day 8

Happy International Women’s Day! I couldn’t not make today’s post in support of this important day. The theme this year is Choose To Challenge. Whatever your gender, it’s so important that sexism is challenged in every variant. Say something if you see inequality. Challenge even the slightest sexism. Be the voice we all need.

Find full details of the writing challenge here.

She passed me a smoothie;
"Green Goddess"
it was called.

Her dark skin smooth,
her hand brushed mine,
lingering with electricity.

I took it gratefully,
a gift not just from her,
but from all women to me.

Blended broccoli,
crushed kale,
sparkly spirulina.

The smoothie,
was more than its component parts.

It had been infused
by generations
of grandmothers.

Determination, intelligence, prowess.
Challenge. History. Bravery.
Rooted with courage,
support, leadership.

It was for every Mother, Sister, Friend,
Scientist, Architect, Artist,
Women, Female Identifier and Women's Rights Supporter.

I pass “Green Goddess” on.

My olive skin warm,
it brushes yours,
giving you energy.

You take it gratefully,
not just from me,
but from all women to you.

Together. United. We stand.
Pass on even to those without the strength to pass back.
Build up those even without the bricks to build you.

We are one women.