A to Z Challenge | P

Happy Monday fellow writers and A to Z’ers! I hope you’ve all had fab weekends. I spend my weekend mainly in the countryside, walking and cycling, and gracing a riverside tavern. I also write entries for two writing competitions! Creativity on fire.

I realised I wrote mainly poetry last week, so this week I am going to try and write a continuous short story, a new part each day. I hope I can keep it connected and use the words well, let’s see where this goes.

The Words

“Paean: A song, hymn or speech that praises the virtues of someone or something, a paean is written in honour of its subject. In Greek mythology, Paean was physician to the gods and the earliest musical paeans were hymns of praise and thanksgiving to Apollo who, according to Homer, on occasions took the guise of Paean. Originally sung at festivals, funerals or when marching into battle, over time a paean has come to mean some kind of tribute. There wasn’t a dry eye at the funeral when Tom read the paean he had written for his brother.”

“Penumbra: Although literally meaning a partial illumination, as in an eclipse, penumbra is also used to refer to something that covers, surrounds or obscures, e.g. a shroud, and also to a ‘grey area’ where things are not just black or white. Deriving from the Latin words paene, meaning almost, and umbra, which is shadow, penumbra is often used as a legal term to refer to an area within which distinction or resolution is difficult or uncertain. The defendant was advised that the verdict could go either way as this was a penumbra.

“Perdition: Originating from the Latin perdere, to destroy, the first known use of the word perdition was in the fourteenth century. It means utter destruction or eternal damnation. All sinners are condemned to perdition.

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

My Summertime Goddess | Part One

Petit flowers, nimble in nature, swam through the waves of her light gold hair. She was the epitome of beauty and many wrote her paeans, hoping to win her favour. I was one of these fools, who approached her at an early summer festival. The day was covered in bright blue hope, and I had no knowledge of how my heart would be lost to perdition. I usually found contentment lurking in the penumbra of her entourage, the very outer circle, not close enough to learn her flaws, but the perfect proximity for falling recklessly in love. But today was the day I would break my own rules.

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