A to Z Challenge | O | Weekend Writing Prompt | Uncanny

The Words

“Oenology and Oenophile: Oenology is the study and science of wine making, covering all aspects from production to tasting and classification. An oenophile is someone who loves, or is obsessed with, all things wine-related – a connoisseur. I’m thinking of taking a course in oenology.

“Oleaginous: It seems hard to believe that a word most commonly associated with slimy, slithery, not to be trusted, heralds from the humble olive tree. Oleaginous comes directly from the Latin oleagineus, meaning from an olive tree, the fruit of which produces olive oil. As an adjective it describes an oily and slimy disposition or anything oil-like. The oleaginous behaviour of the journalist during the interview was frankly stomach-churning.”

“Otiose: A relatively recent word, otiose first appeared in English in the late eighteenth century to describe things that produce little of use or worth. Over time, the word started to be applied to people, particularly people of an idle or slack disposition when it came to matters of work, and developed a rather quaint meaning of being at leisure. An otiose young man of independent means, he never did a hard day’s work in his life.

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Weekend Writing Prompt | Uncanny

I’m an oenophile so often otiose, sharing a glass of red with a book. Once, the wine grew oleaginous in my mouth until I was drowning in my love.

My mind adjusted, uncanny experience passing, I returned to H.P.Lovecraft.

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