A to Z Challenge | N

Not completely fiction, I have had a few gins this Eve before writing! Have a weird haiku, reverse haiku, haiku again blend. Happy Weekend

The Words

“Nadir: Nadir derives from an Arabic word meaning opposite – the opposite, that is, of the zenith, which means the highest point you can achieve (or in astrology the highest point in the sky). To reach one’s zenith, metaphorically, means reaching a pinnacle; to slump to one’s nadir is to have slipped as low as it’s possible to go. We reached our nadir as a team when we lost every match for two years in a row.”

“Nebulous: Nebula is the Latin word for mist or fog. The word is used in astronomy to describe celestial objects such as clouds of gas and dust particles in space and/or galaxies. The original Latin sense of fog or mist informs the adjective nebulous, which is used, often negatively, to describe something indistinct or not clearly formed. I have only very nebulous memories of my childhood.”

“Nepenthe: In ancient times a nepenthe was a mythical drink or substance that helped the poor to find relief or forgetfulness from sorrow or grief – a sort of proto-anti-depressant. The term can also be used generally to describe something that causes us to forget our troubles and woes. He often used alcohol as a crutch and a nepenthe when feeling down.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Neon World

Late on Friday Eve,
Nepenthe in a gin glass,
My words; nebulous.

No nadir for me this night,
Only highs; dancing,
Dreaming in my neon world.

Of pulsing colours
and lively swirls, happiness.
Inhibitions, gone.

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