A to Z Challenge | M

Letter M, half way through the month!! Crazyyyyy! I’m learning loads of new words, not always remembering them though, but loving trying to use them.

The Words

“Mathesis: An archaic word derived from the Greek word mathēsis, meaning the acquisition of knowledge or the moment of knowing or understanding. The word is also linked to mathematics, for the Greeks didn’t distinguish between the different physical sciences and philosophy, so all knowledge or mathēsis was interlinked. No process of mathesis is without some value.

“Mabble: The verb to mabble means to wrap something up, usually a gift. The origin of the word is uncertain but it possibly comes from the tradition of wrapping up flowers in little woven baskets to celebrate May Day. I don’t usually mabble my Christmas presents until Christmas Eve.

“Manifold: Manifold means many or varied and diverse. In a positive sense it could describe the manifold delights of the city of Barcelona. In a negative sense (in which it is often used) it could describe the manifold issues or problems someone has encountered. The word was once used as a verb to describe making multiple copies of a book. There are manifold issues with the trade negotiations.

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)


I mabble my manifold
Of dire dilemmas
In sumptuous silk
So at least they will feel loved
Embraced, and shown some
Courteous behaviour pure,
Until I dare let
Them soar. My mind will ponder
Puzzle out riddles
Til a lightbulb blooms atop
Inquisitive soul.
Magnificent Mathesis.
I take a deep bow.

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