A to Z Challenge | K

The Words

“Kakorrhaphiophobia: Kakorrhaphiophobia is an abnormal, persistent, irrational fear of failure. In clinical cases, it’s debilitating: the fear of even the most subtle failure or defeat is so intense that it restricts a person from doing anything at all. My neighbour hasn’t worked for years due to kakorrhaphiophobia.

“Kalon: Kalon is the ideal of physical and moral beauty, especially as conceived by the philosophers of classical Greece, and derives from the Greek word kalos, meaning virtuous and beautiful. His last partner was so lovely but he never seemed to appreciate what a kalon she was until after they split up.

“Karezza: A modern word from the Italian slang, karezza, this means to caress. As its name implies, it’s comprised of intimate activities such as gentle stroking, cuddling and skin-to-skin contact. She saw karezza as a way to promote health and happiness in marriage.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Just Keep Wandering

I’ve recently been feeling like the every day is no longer enough.
I’m not burdened with Kakorrhaphiophobia,
for I have no fear of failure,
I’m happy to fail.
In fact,
failing would be
a nice break
from doing, don’t you think.

Maybe I need some karezza,
my mind with massage oils
until it can melt
into my own body
and my own body
into a puddle of whatever happiness is made of.

I see a vision
Of myself
Kalon in imaginary form.
But is this me past me
or future me,
Or a me that will never be.

I feel lost
How does one draw a map,
Or write a list of instructions,
A manual,
To this bitter life that is also
But I don’t need a map when it’s beautiful,
I’m already where I’m meant to be.

We can’t draw maps when we’re lost,
but we don’t want to draw them when we are
Too busy
On the bright side
Of the mind.

I think I will
Go wandering
In the dark.
I’ll find the sun eventually
It’s only ever hidden by
Turning Earth
Or drowning clouds.
As if these two
immutable phenomena
Could possibly hold me

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