A to Z Challenge | J

The Words

“Jocose: From the Latin jocosus, meaning a tendency to joke, jocose is roughly synonymous with other words such as humorous and witty. The subtle distinction is that jocose is usually considered to be a character trait, a tendency not to take things too seriously, whereas witty relates to a quickness of mind. The jocose character of my uncle always made his visits great fun.”

“Jaunce: To jaunce is an archaic equestrian word and describes the skill of persuading a horse to prance. The jaunce is a recognized movement in the sport of dressage. When the colt saw the young filly in the field, he suddenly seemed to jaunce around with his head carried high.”

“Jactation: A word meaning boastful declarations or displays. Jactation is also the word for tossing and turning restlessly when trying to sleep. As an insomniac, my wife finds my nightly jactations alarming.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Horse by Day, Horse by Night

I neigh

Outraged at the way
They make me jaunce, jump and sway
I’m not for their play

But I am

Before they broke me
I cantered jocose and free
Trapped now, unhappy.

They use me for sunny shows of jactation
It only causes me jactation under
Each and every

I neigh
Never loud enough for them to understand
I’m not enjoying it like they say I am

But what do I know about how a horse can feel,
I’m just a horse,
But real.

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