Our Lockdown Wedding | Eleventh April, Twenty Twenty

Today is our one year wedding anniversary, and we probably had one of the least traditional weddings you could have, as it was all via video call!

I wrote a semi fictional, semi autobiographical story about it for a Reedsy Prompt: Write a story that spans exactly a year and takes place in a single room.

It’s nice to learn a bit about the blogger behind the blog so below are some pictures of our first and second wedding days. Yes we’ve had two! The first we exchanged rings and vows and was on the wedding day we had planned for 18 months. The second was later in August after Lockdown where we got our legal marriage license. And we’re still planning a third, that will be our BIG day with all of our loved ones.

It was a shock and a disappointment having to cancel our planned wedding day, there was a lot of anxiety around it initially as everything was so uncertain. But two weeks before it was supposed to go ahead, we went into a national lockdown that confirmed we wouldn’t be able to have the wedding we’d been dreaming of.

Me and my husband are rather optimistic, adventurous people. So after a bit of sadness, we decided we weren’t going to let Lockdown stop us getting married, as marriage is about commitment and love between two people, not about a super expensive day.

We started planning, we got Jon’s best man to be our celebrant, we wrote a script and vows, we ordered so many pink and blossom decorations from eBay and I made a flower wall. By the 11th of April, we were surrounded by our friends and family, albeit virtually, and got married in our dining room. And I wouldn’t change it for anything. 💖

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