A to Z Challenge | G

The Words

“Grubble: To grubble is to grope around in the dark for something. The origin of the word is uncertain but it could be an extension of the Middle English grubben, meaning to dig or rummage.”

“Gloaming: A term that derives from the Old English glōm, which was the word for twilight or dusk. From Old English the word went north of the border into Scottish dialects, where the gloaming became the moments just before sundown. Gloaming settings are a standard atmospheric device in Scandinavian crime dramas.

“Gaucherie: A gaucherie is an awkward, clumsy or tactless social act or comment. Derived from French, it has its root in the word for left, gauche. The negative connotation possibly springs from old superstitions about left-handed people being ungainly or accident prone. Many people seem oblivious to the gaucheries they commit when they express their opinions on social media.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Twinkling Stars

Stars start to twinkle behind the sunset,
Gloaming is upon us,
And me dressed up in my little glitter dress,
And you dressed down in your nonchalance,
Something I’ve always loved about you is how you keep your cool.

We glide into the esteemed entryway,
Brass twangs fill our ears and you can tell I want to dance already.
You take us two flutes from a tray skimming past,
Handing one to me and whispering in my ear,
How many gaucheries do I think we’ll see before the night is through?
I giggle back to you,
And I hope I don’t commit one too,
Once I’ve had a few.

I grubble for your hand as elegantly as I can,
But you make it easy for me as you always do,
Whisking me away to ballroom floors,
Under skies of hanging candles.

I melt into your arms,
Silk for you to weave into intricate garments,
You make me feel free,
I could go anywhere,
The expanse of stars twinkle,
A night sky of possibilities.

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