A to Z Challenge | D (Plus a Bonus Bright Square Prompt)

The Words

“Daedal: Daedalus was the architect in Greek mythology who designed the labyrinth in Crete to house the beastly Minotaur. Daedalus in Latin and Greek means skilfully composed or constructed, hence anything daedal (or daedalean) is intricate, clever and complex. He opened the back of the computer and was confronted by a daedal mesh of wires and circuits.

“Deliquesce: Deliquesce means to dissolve or melt into liquid and is often used in botany to describe plants becoming rotten and turning to mush. Derived from the Latin deliquescere, meaning to be fluid, a more elegant and figurative use is to describe the act of slowly melting, fading or dissolving away. He lay roasting in the sun, deliquescing in the extreme heat.

“Delitescent: Something that is delitescent is hidden away, often furtively. The term is derived from the Latin verb delitescere, meaning to hide. It is the delitescent nature of the civil service that means Whitehall officials rarely address the media.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

I seem to be liking combining challenges and I saw this Squares Photo Challenge over on The Life of B. This weekend had been a lovely bright Easter weekend, so have a sun filled pic of me enjoying the rays, which I will use as a prompt for today’s writing as well. ☀️

Aiming for suave…
Pastel shades of sky deliquesced
Into each other they dissolved
Before she could witness them through squinting eyes
Already delitescent, shy to dusk lullabies

For bright sun stops glaring so early in spring
One moment it casts grey shadows
The next breath the world is tinged
With day’s end. Dreams begin.

There may be pattern and rhythm in cycle
Yet each component is complex, daedal, far fetched
Transpiring beauty, erratic contradicts tidal
Still I wait for summer as the assurance of the seasons are etched.

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