A to Z Challenge | C

The Words

“Cachinnate: to cachinnate is to let out a loud and raucous, uncontrollable bout of laughter. The word derives from the Latin for loud laughter, cachinnare. I cachinnated so long and loudly at the circus clowns I thought my sides would split.”

“Candour: Candour traces back to the Latin verb candēre, meaning to shine or glow. Candour is often used in relation to language that expresses openness, fairness and honesty. He spoke with refreshing candour about the problems his family had endured.

“Capricious: A capricious person is someone who is impulsive and unpredictable. The word is often used to describe the weather in countries where it can be notoriously volatile or erratic.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

Weekend Writing Prompt | Absurd

What I overheard
Was very absurd
It made me cachinnate, splutter,
But I listened, undeterred.

Jenna was a gossip, but always spoke with candour,
So I very much doubted what she said was slander.

Apparently Dan had gone swimming naked in the sea,
At this point I must mention it was below zero degrees,
But he’d always been capricious... stereotypically gutsy.

Hope it doesn’t count as cheating to write the weekend writing prompt from Sammi in with my A to Z for C! Either way, here ya go.

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