A to Z Challenge | B

The Words

“Beatitude: Beatitude is from the Latin beatus, meaning happy. Beatitude is a state of high and unremitting bliss. In theology the word relates to any of the blessings given by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount as recounted in the Gospel of Matthew and so beatitude can mean a divine blessing bestowed upon somebody. A feeling of beatitude befell him as he lay lounging in the bath.”

“Brumal: Something brumal is indicative of or occurs during the winter and often, naturally, relates to seasonal changes in the weather. The brumal blasts of cold damp air really troubled his asthma.

“Bestir: The verb to bestir has been in English since AD 900. The root is in the Old English word bestyren, which meant to pile up wood, presumably for a fire. To bestir means to rouse from inactivity, as in to wake up. The link to woodpiles is probably related to the practice of stoking up a fire that may have dwindled or gone out while the householders were sleeping.”

(from “1000 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary” by Joseph Piercy)

An Old Friend

His bones creaked as he bestirred from his bed. His oak house was as old as him, the large room simple but all he needed. The first signs of winter crept in through the cracks, and it took Jack a while to fumble the fire on and thaw through his bones and his home. He peered through the thin glass to see the dirt brown leaves swirl up in the brumal breeze. It may not be hot inside, but he was certainly glad not to be out in the pinching chill.

Jack readied the pot of coffee, slow but certain in his movements so not to waste the grains. Sleeping steam woke above the pot and spread its warmth into the air. He poured himself a mug and sunk into his armchair, it embraced him, his favourite companion. Jack needed no book, no newspaper and didn’t need to busy his hands. His mind kept still in the moment, deep roasty aromas filled his senses, and as he took the first sip of his morning coffee, beatitude curled in his lap, an old friend.

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