March Writing Challenge | Day 31

Wow! Can I just say how amazed I am to make it all the way through my March Writing Challenge! I have written every day, no post was prewritten or back dated, and I’ve explored so many topics and had so much fun. Also so importantly I’ve grown my little patch of internet along the way and met some awesome writers and poets. It’s lovely to have you guys reading my writing and to be able to be inspired by yours as well. So thank you!

I got to the 100 follower mark! Yay. And hopefully I will keep burrowing into this lovely community. ☺️

Next up is the April A to Z Challenge! Here’s my theme reveal. Let’s hope I can keep up with my new challenge goals and also keep interacting with everyone and joining other prompts along the way. Happy Spring!

Find full details of the challenge here.

“His eyes weren’t normal.”

A shiver crept around the camp fire. We waited, baited for more.

“They were the most beautiful blue, clearer than tropical oceans. I was in love. But when I went closer, they changed. The pearls of blue melted into slits of obsidian. The purest pits of darkness that light itself is not fast enough to escape from.”

Charlotte paused. The crackle of the fire overshadowed its warmth, leaving room for a chill. Charlotte had always been known for her beauty, her confidence. She drew people in to her. Men. Women. Children. Everyone felt comfort around her as if she was the real fire. Her tone was still calm but her words were changing the atmosphere. Just like she’d always created attraction, instead a pulse was emanating from her, almost warding us off.

“When I saw those eyes, I should have known I was already deep in the spider’s web. I should have cowered. But instead, I fled. Or I tried to. But really I had no hope as it was not just his eyes that had now changed. His limbs had lengthened, stretched out and gaunt. They sported dagger claws black as a starless sky.”

“Come on now Char! This is getting really creepy. Even the fire wants to leave.” I gestured at the fire pit, the flames cowering to the floor. The atmosphere was palpable and I was trying to slash through it with a blunt knife.

“I thought you wanted a scary story, I’m nearly finished!” without awaiting approval Charlotte ploughed on. “As I was saying, I knew there was no hope for me. I was lured in by his presence, and now I was lost to life. As I ran, it took only two bounds for him to catch up to me and halt me. His thin nails were so sharp that my clothes were torn without fraying. His scratch down my back held me in place. I was so scared no noise could escape my lips. That’s why none of you heard me… There was nothing to hear. I hope you heed my warning, there really is no point in running.”

Just before the fire finally escaped, the only one of us who did, we could see Charlotte’s friendly eyes turn to piecing black slits. There wasn’t even time to scream.

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