March Writing Challenge | Day 28

Find full details of the challenge here.

Jason’s skinny jeans creased as he crouched to examine the mustard glow. A small pot of gold stared up, as surprised to see him as he was to see it. He’d ended up in a different building to normal, although grungy as the rest. Another swig of JD and coke sweetened his throat and he thought of all the ways this gold could sweeten his life. How many bottles of his favourite spirit he could buy! Some top notch tobacco, not this shit cheap stuff. Oh and he’d pay his Mum back too, she could stop moaning. He’d pay her back so he owed her nothing and then he’d be out of there…

He took another drag making him heady, too light to hear other sounds.

But it wouldn’t have mattered if he’d turned around at the footsteps, the owner of those footsteps would have acted the same either way. The dark suited heavy walked swiftly up to the scrawny youth. One pop to the back of the head. He guided the body down so the blood would not tarnish the gold. With the silencer on, no sound marked the end of Jason’s life, just like his life hadn’t made much noise itself.

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