March Writing Challenge | Day 27

I felt myself imagining all the creepy ways I could take this prompt but went for something different for me.

Find full details of the challenge here.

She smiles at me, shy but bright. I fall into her eyes and see every grin she’s ever given me. I fall into my mind and imagine all the ways I would make her happy. Each way I would treat her with care, each delicate act that could show my love. My thoughts swirl into fantasies of romantic novels and cheesy love films, characters replaced with me and her. I replay snippets of conversation, allowing freedom as they morph into admissions of lust and devotion.

My eyes refocus as I come back to this moment in reality, this true moment.

“It’s not just in your head. I’m here with you now. I like you.”

My world ignites with anticipation, my emotions hurt with all the pain that could be if she were to leave. I finally gather the gut to leave my mind fully and trust in what could be. I lean into kiss her, she leans in to kiss me.

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