March Writing Challenge | Day 24

Find full details of the challenge here.

Layla lay there. In her mind grassy hills surrounded her creating a sense of serenity. Outside of her mind she lay in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room, crammed with beeping machines and too many bustling people.

Six others lay with her in similar positions. All in their own clouds of thought, some calm like Layla, some traversing nightmares. They would all be deep in nightmares by the end, except for her of course.

Seven bodies fallen into slumbers, all reported at the same time without any connections. None that those awake knew of anyway…

Layla felt life surge into her, more life than she’d dared hope for. Artificial lights replaced emerald landscapes as she came to. Her eyes opened. One of the white coats noticed and all other bodies started flocking around her. Just before the room exploded with beeps, causing the doctors to disperse and try and save the six people Layla had just killed. But their years were gone, they’d been taken, delaying death for the seventh patient by another three hundred and fifty years. On the outside Layla didn’t smile, but her inner mouth shone a satisfied grin. Wide enough to fall into.

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