March Writing Challenge | Day 20

Day 20! Are you kidding me, I’m so chuffed that I’m still writing everyday! Another Saturday night brings another two for one special as me and my husband both spent twenty minutes writing short stories for this prompt. If I’m gonna be honest I like his more than mine! Very creepy pasta vibes which is something we like to read together. ☺️ Enjoy.

Find full details of the challenge here.

My Story | Fun

“Have you tried ‘F’?”

“No, what’s it do?” I ask, alcohol slurring my words, intending to take it no matter the answer.

“Fun, makes everything seem fun.”

“I need that,” I say, drowning the little purple pill with bourbon. Sceptical at what effects it may or may not have. But I’ll try anything once.


Dawn follows dreams of strobing rainbows and ‘90s cartoons. I must have blacked out. As expected. I see myself on a faded red couch in a sandy field, not too far from the warehouse of raves and broken hearts. The sea battles the coast line below. The cliff wins for now, keeping my body dry.

My body.

That I can see.

From above.


Abandoned on the sofa. Abandoned by my family that I will unjustly blame for the lifestyle I chose. Abandoned by my friends who gave me ‘F’. Most noteworthily, abandoned by me. I stopped taking care of my body long ago; drugs, alcohol, unwanted men. I didn’t care.

Finally last night my body had had enough. It gave up on my soul like a plant that I forgot to water. Everything dies without nourishment. I now knew the full meaning of those words. Too late.

I drifted off, caught on an ocean breeze, leaving behind little impact on this life. I wish I’d had more fun.

Jon’s Story | YOLO

“Wow Dude, where did you get this stuff?”

“It was on offer on Silk Road, and besides, I thought you guys might appreciate something new,” four of him told me, his shouting barely audible over the pounding bass of the new Wellerman remix.

“I don’t feel like myself.”

“That’s pretty normal man, enjoy the buzz.”

I stumble into a few more quadruplets of friends, my senses bombarded with the smell of JD, strobe lights and raised voices. Finally coming out of the chaos I fall into the disabled bathroom, dropping my beer.

“Fuck this has got me trippier than that molly Jess gave me at Sundown!”

I look into the mirror, there are not four of me as there are of my friends. There are two of me. There’s the me me then there is this other skinnier, frailer looking figure that hunches over with age. The other me winces as though in pain and looks me up and down from the mirror.

“I remember those parties, best years of my life,” he says as he runs his hands over his bald head, grey hairs dull in the low-lit bathroom.

“Fuck, dude, are you my grandpa or something? Jesus this is good shit”
My humour is quelled by a serious grating voice.

“I’m not your grandpa, I’m you,” it says. “You never should have dumped Jess, she was the best thing that ever happened to you,” it continues. “Well now I can make those choices for you, but better this time.”

I’m starting to get confused.

“It doesn’t matter how many times we go through this process, that look on your face never changes.”

I feel weak and fade to nothing.

My hair turns from grey to a lush bouncy brown, my back straightens. I step outside of the bathroom to go and meet with my friends.

“Hey lads what you guys drinking? Next rounds on me,” I shout into the circle.

“Shit dude, did you find some cash in the bathroom or something?” I hear.

“Nah man, just wanna have a good time, you only live once!” I say with a glint in my eye.

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