Rainbows | Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

On top of my personal monthly challenge, I’m trying to get into others’ challenges too. So I’m excited to join Eugi and their weekly prompt today!

Volcano fire sings
Of hatred, danger and lust
Red, spoilt with passion.

Melts the heart of flames
Warmth until the leaves turn this
Shade of orange bliss.

Bring back shining sun
Yellow daffodils and bees
Glowing sand, I’m free.

Grass, green. Fresh, new, lean.
I wish health and good fortune
Luck brings no envy

Only freedom of
The farthest skies, bluest seas
Don’t drown me. I breathe

In the rare twilight
Air, precious indigo night
Scarce luminous clouds

Change to violet
Galaxies where I now float
Beyond the spectrum

In space there ought be
Shades unimaginable
Bright stars, Milky Way.

But I see only black.

I really enjoyed writing this! A collection of haikus or does that make it a haibun? I’m no poetry expert you tell me.

14 thoughts on “Rainbows | Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

  1. What an amazing piece. Each verse a perfect haiku. I would consider this a haiku sequence where there are several haiku, all on the same theme. A haibun is a mixture of prose and haiku. Beautifully penned and thank you for joining in.

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  2. I am not sure this qualifies as a haibun, given that haibun usually consists of a prose section which is then summarised or complemented by a haiku. The famous haiku poet Basho was a master at the haibun, and frequently employed it as his journaling/diary style.

    Not sure what a collection or sequence of haiku are called…in ancient Japan there was a long form called a choka which consisted of alternating lines on the 5-7 syllable pattern, with a final line of 7. They were accompanied by one or more shorter poems called hanka or “envoys” which summarized, supplemented, or enhanced the subject of the main poem.

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