March Writing Challenge | Day 17

I was inspired to write the next part of a story I started on Day 15 with this prompt, first part is here. I’m super busy at work atm so I’m behind reading and replying to everyone’s lovely comments but I still want to find the time to write. Thanks for reading all!

Find full details of the challenge here.

Beatrice’s mouth dangled open, unsure how to respond to whatever in heaven this was. She was used to flickers of magic but this bird was beyond anything arcane she’d experienced.

“Bonjourno… I mean hello!” the white raven cocked its head as if this might help it translate the disheveled girl. “You can understand me yes?”

The tangled hair nodded, a mess of silent confusion.

“We’ve been watching what you’ve been up to, you’re a high ranking prisoner of Odino, we thought we’d better keep an eye. And we were right to! We’ve just put the pieces together. Do you think there’s any way we could let you finish what you’re doing? Madness!”

The words only started making sense in Beatrice’s mind halfway through the raven’s ramblings. They didn’t feel like words she wanted to hear.

“The problem with fate is…” the silk bird continued, “you have to follow yours. We’ve got no soul conquering in the archives, no rise to power for you unfortunately.”

Each syllable came out a harsh jab to the head, the mix of squawk and talk hammering any optimism from Beatrice’s heart. She felt her hard work slipping from her body, her grasp at freedom loosening.

“Thought you could make your own essence bracelets as well did you,” it seemed as if ravens had only two settings, constant talk or silence. “Do you know how many hours deep artificers spend making these? Many! I suppose you have many hours but you’ve not the proper tools, are you even soul trained?

“This could have gone so horribly wrong for you! It’s lucky we’ve stopped you now really.”

Beatrice’s headache overpowered her senses. She had no idea what was going on and she didn’t want to listen to this rude raven insult her artificing any longer. What did he know about fate anyway? Stupid fate raven! She was determined to control her own destiny and escape her prison. A large brown book titled ‘What not to make at home and how not to make it’ was heavy on her desk. Beatrice’s eyes flicked to it but the raven changed subject.

“Its not your fate to kill a white raven either child. That would be very bad for your future,” the raven sounded more confident than Beatrice had in her entire life. But this made her confident in one thing. To the astonishment of this glistening raven, Beatrice picked up the ancient text, and swung it at the bird.

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