A to Z Challenge | Theme Reveal

Hey everyone! I’ve seen a couple of bloggers I follow sign up for the A to Z Challenge and I thought I would give it a go. The challenge runs throughout April in which you blog every day (except Sundays) letter by letter. E.g. 1st April will be A, 2nd will be B and so forth. Every blog has its own theme and will blog each letter accordingly.

Make sense so far? Yeah me too I think!

I’ve really enjoyed blogging each day in March using my challenge prompts to help me explore more forms of poetry and practice writing short stories and vignettes. So I’m ready to take on the A to Z April Challenge!

Without keeping you waiting a breath longer, I will reveal my theme…

Enhancing Vocabulary

Each day I will be choosing one to three words that start with the letter of the day, that I’m either unfamiliar with or that I haven’t used before. I’ll then write a short story, poem or vignette with those words included, so they will act as a prompt if you like. The purpose will be to build my vocabulary as a writer and be inspired by new words.

I have downloaded 1000 Words To Expand Your Vocabulary from my free trial of Kindle Unlimited and will probably take most words from there. I tried looking at online dictionaries but there were just too many words that were nonsensical or would have no use in our modern language so this book looks more useful.

I’m excited to try this challenge, creating my own writing prompts and learning new words as I go. Are you doing the A to Z challenge? I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, wish me luck!

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