March Writing Challenge | Day 15

Find full details of the challenge here.

She left the lair, her final preparations coming together. The black stone door shut behind her, melding into the wall, smooth. Luckily it was thick enough to block out any sound, she was done with their screams for one day. When it stopped being entertainment it became exhausting, and she’d started to get a headache.

Beatrice collapsed onto her bed. Midnight walls surrounded her, a perfect cube of slick tar that only she knew how to navigate. She missed the light colours of other realms out of reach. But she could taste dessert, almost hers to devour. A prisoner guarding prisoners, irony webbed her mind.

Blonde wavy hair knotted itself as she pulled up, alert to movement. White petals stirred from her dressing table, spiralling and dancing on wind that wasn’t there. White feathers joined them, waltzing from nowhere into Beatrice’s sanctuary. Before she could understand an inch of what was going on, a pearlescent raven appeared in the storm’s centre.

The raven, in quiet contrast to Beatrice, seemed quite unperturbed, obviously having meant to materialize like it did. It settled its feathers and the petals settled with it. It’s sharp beak turned towards Beatrice, opened and squawked.

When the pale girl gave no response, the raven tried French. The girl was clearly shocked that it had spoken words, but again didn’t answer, leading the raven to try various other dialects of human before she seemed to catch meaning.

“I’m here to talk to you about your plans. Rather devious you’ve been haven’t you child.”

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