March Writing Challenge | Day 13

Find full details of the challenge here.

Have you seen the glassy petals,
of the new flower in my garden?

In your garden?
In my garden.
I think I’ll call them...

Not just in your gardens ladies,
the old hag interrupted,
look outside,
the bigger picture,
you always fail to see.

Sprouting from the grass,
of course,
but also from the sides of trees.

Jumping out of brickwork,
blooming from the street light,
capturing our town,
from nowhere all in one night.

This has to be magic,
fairytale or tragic.
We need to know their purpose,
are they here for better or worse?

Why always so pessimistic?
the other ladies cried.
Their colours are extraordinary,
their vision blinds our eyes.

Then this was for evil,
the ancient hag now saw.
But what can you do with flowers?
She really wasn’t sure...

Then the sky came over,
blacker than her cat.
The biggest of the flowers,
flew above them like a bat.

Way up in the flower,
two space bees flew their hive,
turns out it wasn’t arcane,
but instead... sci-fi.

Change each planet to a flower,
one world at a time,
the universe would be theirs,
infinite places for them to dine.

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