March Writing Challenge | Day 11

Find full details of the challenge here.

I see in my mind an image filtered in green. Except sparks of gold and pinpricks of colour have somehow broken through. A canopy of trees frame more trees. Drips of sunlight brighten the image and I start walking. I can sense this is my destination although I do not know the way.

The last thing I recall is making a coffee in my minimalist kitchen. I’m now through my front door, roasted beans linger in my nostrils. I manoeuvre cars as a fish in flowing water. My vision filled with the forest yet my other senses still engulfed in this urban maze.

Critters dazzling, dance in joy at my approach. The emerald sea that was only fluttering is now crashing waves of energy. I can sense I am close. I yearn to be closer.

City senses are now a ghost, fading. An ambulance siren becomes subtle in the way an ambulance siren can not be. Before I realise, I take the last step from my life. The forest welcomes me. I sink into its cadre and I join its ecosystem. I breath my first true breath.

I do not remember dying. Do not remember slipping. Hitting. My head. The kitchen counter. The pain. Was gone before it started. I had left the house before my husband found me. He would scream. Sob. My soulless body in his arms. He would never be able to forget me. Never be able to move on. Not until he found his forest. For in mine, there was only me. I would never be able to remember him. Only able to move on. Forever in this green.

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