March Writing Challenge | Day 10

I was in the mood to write a character vignette this morning. I’ve been creating a routine of meditation first thing which often leaves me ready to write. I really want to keep this habit up! Find full details of the challenge here.

Bright eyes and purple hair, snaked in dreadlocks that reached her hips. Adults always asked her why she was so happy, but dressed so “drab”. Gothic was the term she preferred.

When you’re young and discovering the world and yourself, it’s easy to find a niche to help define you. It’s not until we’re older we can truly embrace and understand the amalgamation of loves and loathes that truly creates us.

So she was still identifying as a bisexual goth (as she thought was the rage) that actually had no interest in guys or gals. But at fourteen, the notion of her true sexuality was a far off solar system, so she’d speak loud in agreement when hot metal heads were mentioned and of course she had a crush on Hayley Williams.

With the clothes and the music came the optional add-on of witchcraft memorabilia. Her mother’s favourite saying when she caught glimpses of the skull laden, dark haven that was her daughter’s bedroom: “You’ll get an entire week of bad luck if you keep this up!”

But she didn’t believe in luck. Mesmerised by the artsy mystery of moons and pentagrams and raven feathers. It only ignited her imagination of other omens she could add to her collection. She was content, which as we know, is the bare minimum a teenager can hope for.

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