March Writing Challenge | Day 9

I’ve tried to write a piece of flash fiction today. Word count: 156.

Find full details of the challenge here.

Gemma picks up my lucky charm; a woven bracelet from a cheap childhood holiday.

“Carrie! You dropped this!” she parts the grass stepping towards me.

“Ah!” Panic flares, quickly doused by relief. “Thanks Gem. I’d be so lost without that.” I fumble forward reaching for my lifeline.

“Why is this always so precious to you?” Gemma asks, retreating.

“You know… it’s just something I’ve always had… a trinket.” I stumble into word holes. “Just been with me through everything.”

“Maybe it’s a sign.” Gemma’s voice softens. “Maybe it was meant to fall off, to show you you didn’t need it.”

“Well I do!” manners lost, I try to snatch my bracelet back.

Gemma dodges, lost at my new behaviour. Her eyes grow curious and before I can scream she puts my bracelet on. I feel a tether torn, my soul dulls as hers sparkles. My magic slips from my fingers, and I sink to the ground.

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