March Writing Challenge | Day 6

Today is Saturday. On Saturdays we don’t work so me and my husband were trying to think of something to do in this land of lockdown. He suggested we do some writing together so two pieces of fiction for the price of one (either way it’s free…) as me and my husband both answered the prompt today! It was fun to do together and read each other’s creativity, and I’m grateful he wants to be part of my writing journey. What’s everyone else doing on their lockdown weekends?

Find full details of the challenge here.

My story

My chest tightens and my stomach jumps rope, eventually tying the rope into neat knots. I stop breathing, the world is a vacuum, there is no air. And then suddenly there is. But I struggle to inhale it anyway. The shock builds a shell around me. But shells are as breakable as I was initially, and something else shattering so close to me just pushes me further to the edge.

“There should have been a warning sign at the very least.” the words mumble out of my mouth in indignation.

I long to believe your innocence, I will your innocence into existence but once again I am defied. You make it harder. Parading your guilt for me, blaring it into my face as if your confession is a beacon of morality. Well screw you and your lack of human decency. And the ho that clearly wasn’t looking for decency in a one night stand.

Why is it called a one night stand anyway? I will google it, I decide.

“There have been warning signs Tessa, it’s just that you didn’t want to see them.”

His voice is as calm as if he were buying carrots. Buying fucking carrots. He doesn’t even like carrots. And yet I put them in my lasagnes. Maybe that’s why. Maybe it’s the carrots in the lasagne, or maybe it’s the time I spend watching my shows. Maybe it’s the late nights working or my free time spent with my sister. The lack of sex. Or lust. The way he mostly does the cooking. The way I never say thank you. His time watching his sports. His late nights working.

We are no longer a couple. Just a couple of people in this one bedroom apartment that sometimes have breakfast together. That share a glass of wine on Wednesdays. That watch our shows together. That used to share more…

I will not miss what we have. I will miss what we had. I guess there were many signs.

Jon’s Poem

Age 4: My parents clap when I put the teddies in size order.

Age 6: Teachers report back that I’m intelligent because I can count higher than the others.

Age 8: My Grandad buys me puzzle PC games from his daily paper, he’s so proud of me.

10: I race to finish schoolwork with the other talented child, fighting (sometimes literally) for first place.

14: I tutor my friends at lunch.

16: A*

17: I am tutoring those who I can help succeed at what I find easy. Head of department is always so overjoyed to see me, her approval lights up my day.

18: A, I’m the golden boy.

19: I can go to a place where everyone loves this as much as me, this is amazing.

21: I love this and this place with likeminded people so much. I want to do this for another year, more tutoring, it’s so great to see others walk this path.

22: This was harder than I thought and maybe I didn’t do as well as I wanted. Still, I’m on top of the world.

23: …
I don’t pass probation

What do you mean that’s not how it works
I do have value, you’re just not clever enough to see it
I’m special and talented, at least I thought I was…
Of course I’m intelligent enough to understand
Fuck you!!!
The world isn’t governed by the language I understand the most…
What have I done with all this time
I thought I was preparing for what’s out there
Instead I was working in a perfect world, that I will never be able to live in
I wish I didn’t tutor them, they will have to face this too
I want to go back
But I know I can’t


…There should have been a warning sign at the very least.

7 thoughts on “March Writing Challenge | Day 6

    • Thank you! I’m so glad it was relatable from a wring POV, he’ll be happy to hear that. Although I’m sad it was relatable from a reality POV. Keep going Pooja, it’ll get easier, you’ll make your place in the world! (Although I’m still only 26 so my wisdom is limited! Haha)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I do remember early on in my first job realizing that school had taught me nothing of what I needed to know to do what I was being asked to do. No one teaches you how to be married either. (K)

    Liked by 2 people

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