What a Fab Friday! | 05 Mar 2021

Well today has been a bit of a rollercoaster, along with it being pay review day at work (woohoo) today also brought the results of my first Reedsy Prompt entry. And I’m so excited to announce my story was short listed!

This is a crazy achievement for me having only recently gotten into fiction writing. I am so blown away that my submission was judged as one of the best top 7 of 681 entries. (A lil bit of Maths here, it is my day job after all..) That’s the top 1%!

I’m so grateful for this little piece of blog community I have gathered in my short time here. I hope I can keep growing connections and being part of this wonderful world where we cheer each other on. I’d also like to thank my husband, who as always is my #1 fan. Who do I think I am with my acceptance speech?!

Anyway… the Reedsy prompt I submitted my entry for was:

Write a near-future thriller where a piece of everyday technology has turned against your character — and only your character.

My story was titled Bethany Blooms, I won’t give any spoilers, but for a quick 10 minute read, find it below.

I absolutely am still working on my writing, discovering my style and developing techniques. I’ve submitted a story for the next contest too but I’m not as confident in it. So any feedback on any of my work would be greatly appreciated, even if you’re an amateur like me!

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