March Writing Challenge | Day 5

Okay okay okay, so it’s Friday, Day 5, and I have to admit it’s hard to carve the time out to do these everyday. But once I sit down to write, I feel the words flow from me. I’m really appreciative of the practice I am getting and I’m determined to continue!

Find full details of the challenge here.

The silver bell rang. A little jingle that caused the bookcase in the bell’s reflection to wobble and blur. Another call for room service. No surprises there, the food in The Marigold Hotel was renowned, and what could be better than eating it in bed.

Gerald dusted his lapels and started the six story climb to the source of the sound. His red velvet uniform rustled in anticipation for the end of his shift. Only thirty minutes to go.

Three stories up his journey was annoyingly interrupted. Some people like the eventful, they take joy in those days of uniqueness and fun. Gerald was not one of these people, and the noise he heard triggered warning bells: “something out of the ordinary is going to collide with you this evening.” And despite his best efforts, he ended up embracing it.

A high pitched wail, it could have been a woman, it could have been a dog. The shriek crescendoed until it was the epitome of the dramatic. It was swiftly followed by a well dressed gentleman hurrying towards Gerald.

“Call the police!” the gentleman ordered. “My wife has been murdered!”

Before Gerald could stop himself, he was weaved into the cliché of a mysterious murder. The end of his shift was cancelled. He wasn’t allowed to go home. Instead in the staff lobby sat; the husband, a maid, the deceased’s sister who had been in the spa, a shy stranger, the chef who had cooked the deceased’s meal, and himself, Gerald, the hotel concierge.

Silence and suspicious side glances were all they exchanged while the room was guarded. They were awaiting the arrival of the Detective. The game was definitely afoot.

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